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My Not So Daily Blog

I'm Vegan-ish

vegan carrot lox salmon lox bagel breakfast pinterest recipes vegetarian what the health food inc

I have not been so successful at being vegan but I decided to not be so hard on myself about it. I will eat what I want and be vegan when I want.

Are Your Expectations Hurting You?

Expectations Perception Relationships Introvert Negative Positive Affirmations Identity Manifest

Our past shapes our future and our expectations become our identity. Be careful what you think.

My Love Affair with Television

Television Productivity Laziness To Do List

As much as I had wished, my love affair with television did not change from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Check out how I am trying to fight it.

How Many are in Your Party?

Restaurant Career Change Accounting Restauranteur Entrepreneur Hostess Atlanta ATL

Big leap after big leap. I'm keeping this pattern going. I found my first job in Atlanta.

The Answer to the Question

Ratatouille Asian Cuisine Noodles culinary cook chef food foodie

I never fully answered yesterday's question but the answer is definitely far from accounting and gives me a lot more room for creativity. Food!

What Do I Want to Do?

Job career passion Otis College of Art and Design Mount Saint Mary's University marketing accounting

I much rather work with food than with numbers all day, and there is no better place to do that than Atlanta.

It’s Rabbit Szn. No, It’s Duck Szn. No, It’s Job Szn.


We've got the apartment in Atlanta, now to find the job in Atlanta. The hardest job is finding a job when you have all the qualifications.

Bennie Goes on an Airplane

pet travel Delta dog flying with dog CBD CBD for dogs anxiety

I was extremely concerned of flying with my dog to Atlanta. But these steps and a little faith helped us get to our destination safe and sound.

Atlangeles: Home Away From Home


I moved from my hometown of Los Angeles to Atlanta in search of something new and different. Was this my greatest decision or biggest regret?


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